“Cost Per Dollar Raised” – A Formula for Gauging Your Fundraising Success

Jay Angeletti

4 Reasons to Invest in Planned Giving Today

There is a great, untapped resource of charitable people in the U.S., and it might not be who you’d expect.   Blackbaud Institute recently found that not only has charitable giving exploded in the U.S. since the pandemic, but the average age of donors has risen from 62 to 65. Older individuals are becoming more


The Right Fundraiser Will Take Your Organization to the Next Level: How to Spot Them

As nonprofits work to recover from economic challenges and plan for stable futures, many have realized the importance of investing in the right fundraising professional to help sustain their mission well into the future. Opportunities within the field of fundraising continue to grow; the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts about 12,000 openings for fundraisers


Deep Dive: Giving USA 2021

Giving USA Foundation has released its highly anticipated annual report on giving—perhaps the most eagerly awaited report ever as those in the nonprofit industry waited to see how the events of 2020 would impact philanthropy. Facing a worldwide pandemic, economic shutdown, social injustices, and a tense Presidential election, Americans came together to support the greater


Biden’s Tax Proposals and Potential Implications on Giving

President Joe Biden’s proposed tax changes could impact high-net-worth individuals and their charitable giving choices. While the proposals include increasing the top rate on taxpayers making more than $400,000 and increasing capital gains and dividend tax rates for taxpayers earning more than $1 million annually, these changes have the potential to spur charitable giving by


5 Philanthropy Trends To Watch in 2020

As we begin the new decade, my colleagues and I continue to focus on engagement strategies to succeed in today’s rapidly shifting philanthropic landscape.  See below for TAG’s 5 Trends to Address list: Transparency is King With increased access to information regarding non-profit effectiveness and impact, donors are becoming more discerning and moving their philanthropic


Donor Advised Funds Are Here To Stay

Donor Advised Funds (DAF) attracted an unprecedented surge of 2019 philanthropy. More and more individuals—at all giving levels–used this efficient vehicle to advance their philanthropy last year. When DAFs first gained traction, many nonprofits and prognosticators feared their advent would result in fewer and smaller distributions. However, since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of


Making the Case Through Video Storytelling

Communication is the backbone of a successful development program. Donors want to know how their money is being spent. They want to feel important and that they have done some good. Communication comes in many forms, much of which you’re likely already implementing at your organization: newsletters, direct mail, phone calls, social media, and video.


5 Steps to Growing an Effective Planned Giving Program

With competition for philanthropic dollars greater than ever before, fundraisers are getting creative with strategies to identify and pursue impactful gifts. And while new and innovative approaches are always needed, the answer to larger, more impactful gifts may be in your donor database already: planned gift prospects. Planned gifts represent a significant fundraising upside—they are