Data, Analytics & Research

Data, Analytics & Research

Benchmarking Analytics

Benchmarking compares your processes and performance metrics to industry best practices and against other nonprofits. How do peer organizations perform? Are you maximizing your potential? In the process of benchmarking, we can help you identify the strengths/weaknesses of nonprofits in your space. We assess both peer and aspirant organizations and compare their results to yours. In the end, you learn how well you perform and, more importantly, the strategic processes that lead to success.

Information Database Enhancement

Information is the foundation on which the best organizations build strategic development programs and form lifelong relationships with donors. Tracking those relationships over time is an essential piece of the puzzle. TAG has the experience to help you move your constituents from prospects to donors and from donors to full partners and family. Our team has experience with a wide variety of fundraising databases, including Raiser’s Edge, Donor Perfect, Salesforce, and more, and can provide recommendations and guidelines for maximizing your donor information.

Prospect Research & Wealth Screening

Effective prospect research allows you to identify and cultivate the right prospects—essential to driving your organization forward. TAG partners with industry leader iWave to identify wealth and refine major gift portfolios. The combination of wealth screening and TAG’s unparalleled prospect research team ensures that client partners realize their full potential.

Prospect Mining

TAG’s Prospect Mining service is designed to prioritize and identify prospects for major, annual, and planned giving. Whether you want to identify new prospects or understand the potential within your existing network, our Prospect Mining services offer custom solutions to build and organize your prospect list.

Our Philanthropic Marketplace Scans use top-of-the-line data and research services to identify hot spots of wealth and individuals with capacity and potential affinity beyond your known networks. We mine publicly available demographic data and philanthropic news to identify a picture of wealth and capacity—and where philanthropy is directed.

Our Predictive Modeling Service employs a custom algorithm to segment and prioritize donors based on giving history, participation with the organization, and capacity. This modeling generates weighted scores for different types and levels of engagement, resulting in a scaled list of potential donors across major giving, annual giving, and planned giving.

Custom Surveys

Whether you wish to measure the impact of your messaging and communications, understand key stakeholders’ interests and attitudes toward your organization and giving, or ascertain your community’s reactions, perceptions, opinions, and concerns, TAG can design a custom survey and plan to collect and analyze your specific data. Using a combination of electronic, telephone, or face-to-face data collection methods, TAG’s surveys are designed to collect a sample of responses from a pre-determined population of interest to make inferences about the wider population that will inform recommendations for improving your program and planning for the future.

While we work with clients on a variety of surveys, our primary services include:

  • Opinion and Feedback Surveys – These surveys are most commonly used to collect data on a particular program area, fundraising initiative, strategic plan, or other specific aspect of your organization and its programs.
  • Donor Surveys – These surveys target your donors’ relationship to your organization, including their motivations for giving. Common areas of evaluation include donor communications, stewardship programs, impact reporting, donor society benefits, and more.
  • Communications, Messaging, and Branding Surveys – With guidance from TAG’s communications team, these surveys test which messages and communications efforts resonate the most with your constituents. This information is used to refine branding strategy based on what constituents find most compelling, including themes, storylines, assets, and media channels.