Communications & Events

Communications & Events

Case Statement Development

The underpinning of any successful fundraising effort is a vibrant, compelling statement of the organization’s mission, needs, objectives, and goals. Case statements, or reasons to support your organization or institution, are one of the most important documents and requirements in a campaign. It must be the expression of your credibility and integrity, and it must answer any question anyone could possibly raise about your organization. TAG will develop a clear case statement that contains the following elements to ensure a consistent message:

  1. History of the organization
  2. Who the organization is and what you do
  3. Challenges/Ramifications
  4. Results
  5. The Ask/Contact Information

We encourage you to consider our Videography services to complement your case statement suite.

Cross-Media & Digital Fundraising Strategy

In the digital age, it’s important to reach people on their terms—and to do so in a coordinated and effective manner. TAG’s expertise extends to every form of media, and we can help you design and implement a thoughtful, multi-pronged approach, including social media, crowdfunding platforms, and text-to-give services.

Event Design & Production

Communications and events are your most public initiatives. Does their quality match your organization’s standards of excellence? You invest precious time and effort into your projects; TAG can ensure that they succeed. TAG will analyze your needs, suggest appropriate events with strategic goals and outcomes in mind, as well as provide both planning and staffing as needed.


Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. TAG’s Emmy award-winning filmmaker John Freidah brings creativity, strategy, and personalization to video storytelling, including campaign videos, grateful patient videos, and more. TAG will implement a simple strategy to cultivate a deep understanding, respect, and curiosity of the audience, subjects, and goals to produce an engaging, informative, and moving video asset.