5 Benefits of Hiring a Consulting Firm for your Nonprofit Executive Search

5 Benefits of Hiring a Consulting Firm for your Nonprofit Executive Search

It may seem unnecessary to hire a search firm to conduct your next search for a leader or development professional. After all, you know your organization well; you know what the position requires.

Why not just post the job and interview the top applicants? If only it were that simple!

Using an Executive Search Firm Taps into Powerful Networks

The truth is that most terrific fundraising professionals are already fundraising somewhere. In most cases, they are not actively job hunting. The best candidates need to be proactively recruited from the positions in which they are currently serving. This can be exceedingly difficult for an organization to do on its own because it may not have the right tools or network to access and approach those candidates persistently. Working with an executive search firm ensures there is a team of professionals dedicated to connecting with these qualified candidates and advocating for your organization’s open opportunities.

Executive Search Firms Save Valuable Time

Identifying and reaching quality candidates is a very time-consuming process. Often the staff at many nonprofit companies are already busy, wearing many hats, and are not always able to give the process the time and attention it requires.
Even in-house search committees typically have many other responsibilities besides executive search, so they cannot devote themselves full-time to rigorously searching for people or proactively finding candidates.

Fundraising Consulting Firms Bring Unique Skills and Understanding

The administrator or HR team in charge of hiring may not have an intimate knowledge of the skills and background that embody a talented fundraising professional. This can hinder their ability to evaluate successful applicants when limited to only reviewing against the qualifications listed in a job description.

When you work with a specialty fundraising consulting firm like The Angeletti Group, we are fundraisers ourselves.
As development professionals, we have worked in fundraising and leadership positions. We have firsthand knowledge of the skills and attributes that make an outstanding candidate.

Executive Search Firms Reduce Turnover Rates

Using an executive search firm to fill a critical opening like a chief donor engagement officer helps ensure your organization is hiring someone who is likely to stay in the role long term. The impact of carefully curated recommendations is notable, with new hires flourishing in their roles. The worst possible scenario would be investing a great deal of time and resources into a search only to have to start again when the appointment is not a good fit.

Nonprofit fundraising consultants like the Angeletti Group are seasoned in establishing a leadership profile and tailoring the search to meet the needs of the role.

Hiring a search firm requires an investment, but the cost of a bad hire or turnover is oftentimes higher than a search retainer. Many organizations feel the investment is well worth it to avoid the extra workload of hiring and sifting through people who are not at all qualified and to ensure long-term success.

Additionally, an executive search firm–especially one with consulting expertise–offers peace of mind. Many, like TAG, provide complimentary onboarding services after placement, and various guarantees to replace candidates at no charge if the selected candidate leaves within 6-12 months.

Executive Search Firms Bring Valuable Perspective

Hiring a search firm also gives you objective, expert advice as you evaluate various candidates. Having an experienced, impartial perspective can help unite differing opinions on who to hire and provide guidance on who the most successful candidate might be–especially if that choice may seem slightly unconventional.

A search firm that specializes in hiring development professionals – and offers other services besides search – not only knows what makes a good candidate but also has a rich network of sources to access because they have worked extensively in the nonprofit sector.

Effective and Successful Nonprofit Executive Search

It may feel like a big step, but if the firm is a good fit with your mission, goals and culture, hiring an executive search consulting firm can be the wisest way to recruit the best nonprofit professionals.

If you would like to learn more about The Angeletti Group’s executive search process, or get advice on your own search, please contact us at 973-540-1400 or [email protected]. We’d love to help you find your next superstar!

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